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Graphics upgrade on older Dell dim 8100

Need to replace the video card on an older Dell Dimension 8100.
Need to replace an NVidia graphics card powering a digital monitor.

Also, would like find a USB 3.0 expansion card that fits the slots on this model.

Please advise what my choices are,


Romulo Ramos
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    First of all, you might want to remove your email from your post, or you'll likely end up with a box full of spam.

    secondly, here is a link to a simular post.

    Your computer has an AGP bus, which is very outdated, which, sadly, means you might want to consider upgrading the entire computer, or purchasing something a little more recent.

    If that is not an option, here is a link to a card with 4x agp bus on new egg that use a 250w power supply or less. This is the Nvidea 6200 model (and the only option in stock), but there are a couple 5200's in stock as well if you needed to go that route.
  2. Hi kelthic, thanks for reply and lead.

    Checked out the card you mentioned at Newegg and it is the correct bus type. However, the data bus on my AGP slot is 32 bit while the card you suggest is 64 bit - will this present a problem if the output is to a digital monitor.
  3. The card listed works in an AGP 4x and AGP 8x slot. AGP 4x is 32 bit and AGP 8x is the 64bit standard. AGP 8x is also known as AGP 3.0. I don't think there should be a problem with this since the card specifies it works with AGP 4x (or 32bit) mode.

    Hope this helps!
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