GTX 560 TI or Radeon 6870 for MW3 (New games)?

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  1. Not sure on screen resolution, intel core i5 2320.

    16gb ram
    2tb harddrive
    and i will be purchasing new power supply

    Screen is hd, though
  2. Quote:
    if you have the money then get the GTX 560 Ti but without knowing the resolution the answer is somewhat generalized and the HD 6870 might be fine,
    but the GTX 560 Ti is the better card of the two..

    As far as I'm aware MW3's engine differs little, any, from MW2's. I don't think its going to stress either card much at 1080p.
  3. Even at 1200p it would be fine. MW3 really doesn't take much at all. The 560 Ti would suffice nicely.

    But....If he has 1600p then it is a different story. And I doubt he would be looking for a 200 dollar card with a 1k+ monitor.
  4. Quote:
    true, but does he have 1080P.?

    Well my thought was that he's unlikely to have anything higher than 1080p, and anything less would be even less demanding.

    Frankly I would imagine a GTX 560 Ti would do okay in that game even at 2560x1600. Might wanna drop to 4x AA instead of 8x or something.
  5. Doesn't MW3 still run on a modified quake 3 engine?
  6. Are you kidding me?! Mw3 REALLY? You could run that game on Intel integrated 3000... Play some real games people.
  7. I would go with the 6870, since MW3 doesn't take too much hardware to run. The 560Ti would be nice as well and its still a good card, but the engine is pretty old. A 6870 would be a less expensive approach, and the 560Ti would be just a very little bit more future proof.
  8. We dont even know the price of either card.
    Are both cards priced equally?
    If that said of course you would go for a gtx560 ti.
  9. The 6870 is going to be much cheaper than the 560Ti. If I'm right, the 6870 can be had for about $160, whereas the 560Ti is usually just above $200.



    The GTX560 is cheaper than the GTX560Ti, but the 6870 offers similar performance with a lower price (and usually Dirt 3 as well).
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