HELP! is my cpu dead ? :(

building a new pc so i installed the cpu carefully (i5 3750k) i also installed the ram and the cooler

i connected it all up and turned it on (using the 2 pins at the front with a screwdriver)

the fan comes on but then it immediately stops and a red led light comes up :( it keeps doing this in a continuous loop

also i think i may have damaged the 2 pins for the power because most of the time it wont work say for instance the red led came on then i would turn it off and try and turn it on using the screwdriver it wouldn't work until several attempts later :(

someone please help i don't know what to do.. i did install the cooler very tight would that have damaged the cpu? :o

the pins don't look visibly bent... and what are the chances that i have damaged the cpu because i could just return the motherboard (p8z77-v) for being faulty
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  1. Not sure if this is the same situation but check this thread. Appears to confirm the red light is a dead CPU.
  2. Hello Lad,
    Try to connect MoBo speaker and tell us what sound it plays when You are booting!
    If You CPU is broken, then no sound will be played and/or the red light will light up as stated above me.
  3. Do you have another another socket 1155 board or know someone who does? If so I would take out your CPU and try it in another board. If the CPU is really messed up than it shouldn't work in the other board either. Usually though when a CPU either works or it doesn't. If it's broken or fried than most times it won't even turn on. Also make sure the RAM is seated all the. Memory problems can do really weird things too.
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