hi i have a dell dimension 2350. it has an onboard intell graphics card. i disabled it to add a PCI graphics card. i've tried all weekend to get it this new graphics card going. also i need to use the video cable on the onboard graphix to see what i'm doing. the video card is a jaton VIDEO-348PCI-QUAD. any takers on this?
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  1. My question is why? That Video cards sorry to say is crappy. But! have you downloaded all the NEW drivers, is it in the right PCI, is it pushed in all the way? and lately do you have it enabled on your computer?

    Hope this helps
  2. my dell only supports pci. i'm trying to build a decent computer for c.a.d. the intell on board is also crappy....crappier from what i can yep i got the latest drivers. does it matter what slot? i only have 3 identical pci slots. does it matter? i have managed to turn off the intell onboard graphics card. how do i turn this new puppy on?
  3. Doesn't really matter, but should be in the first slot. To turn on that new puppy just

    1. Disable your Onboard graphics in Safe Mode
    2. Right click the My Computer, Properties option
    3. Go to Advanced tab and look for the Device Manager
    4. Look for Display Adapters and click the + option to get more properties
    5. You should find your onboard and just disable.
    6. Shut down your computer
    8. Once your computer is shut down, remove the power cable
    9. add that new puppy of yours and close case/reattach cables
    10. Boot up normally. You will now have to install the latest drivers (Win7 Might find auto)
    11. Restart to get all settings perfect

    That is just a step by step guide I made! maybe you were doing something wrong :]

    Hope this helps!, dRyk
  4. no luck....the device shows that it is working properly. but it won't show up on my monitor. i disabled the crappier intell onboard video in device manager. i didn't see an option for (disable) in my bios. I elected to enable pci......<--that is my video card right. now i can't see anything regardless. im gonna have to reset my cmos to see my screen again. once again.....any takers. or should i say HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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