Heat sync for asus sabertooth x79

How are you! I wanted to ask what would be a heat sync i could use with my sabertooth x79 LGA2011 socket with a I7 hexacore the reason im asking is because the cpu is placed and locked in with a special bracket the motherboard brings and im not sure what kind of heatsync i need...
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  1. Any cooler that supports LGA 2011 will fit. The socket was designed such that it should be compatible with most LGA 1155 and 1366 coolers as well.

    The Sandybridge-E processors are massive power hogs though so you will want a good cooler. A custom water cooling loop would be ideal but the Corsair H100 works well. I haven't tested any air coolers on it but I'm sure there are a few reasonable ones.
  2. Thank you so much ill look into that Corsair now and see if i could find one near by!
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