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>:( The pink bars!!! ):<

I've rigoursly searched for post that specificllay details my situatuion. Couldn't find one. So I'm posting it here:

My computer - SOMETIMES - displays little discolored squares in the startup menu and in the space above a open window or application. When I scroll my mouse, they flicker and change place somewhere on the startup or window. And, when I open CCC, the infamous pink bars of card faliure/bad driver installation appear. I've reinstalled the drivers - currently running on the 12.1, and the problem came back when I brought my computer back from sleep while I was out.

I decided to open my case up, take the card out, and put it back in...

When I turned the computer on, the bars in the startup menu were gone. However, CCC still had pink slits when opened. My computer said it was installing some updates and when it finished it asked to restart the comp. So I did that.

Now CCC is fine. And so is the startup.

At no point, before or after the problem, have any of my games displayed the pink bars or like discoloured squares...

The problem seems to come and go.

Could it be only when my computer goes to sleep?

It's really quite odd.

Are my cards dying?

This is my setup:

6970 x2
1050W PSU
i5 2500k (o'ced to 4.5 ghz with corsair water cooling)
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  1. UPDATE: The bars are still happening on the startup bar and above the internet window, where the new tabs began again the moment I opened a new tab - while the tab was loading they flickered.

  2. What PSU are you using?
    Are the cards overclocked at all?
    Are the GPU temps normal?
  3. ULTRA x4 1050Watt
    Nope. Not overclocked.
    Temps are normal 30-40 idle. 60 load. Then again, the fans are at a constant 50% because they were getting too hot in the past.
  4. If you remove one of the HD6970s, does the problem go away?
  5. Haven't physically tried. But I disabled crossfirex through CCC and it didn't remove the problem. It's not much of an issue; it doesn't interfere with game play. I'm just worried that its an early symptom of something more serious.
  6. Disabling crossfire is version 9/10 drivers. Try updating to the latest 12.10 I think and see if that helps :)
  7. Lowlyworm said:
    Disabling crossfire is version 9/10 drivers. Try updating to the latest 12.10 I think and see if that helps :)

    Sigh... he is running 12.1. the latest. there is no 12.10. And you can always disable crossfire in the drivers
  8. Removing the second GPU, physically, is intended to rule out a heat or power issue (the usual culprits for these sorts of issues). Even if disabled in Windows, the device will still draw some power and restrict airflow.
  9. Heat doesn't seem to be an issue. GPU-Z reads 30-40C idle, 50-60 load. As far as power, I had already unplugged, taken the main card out, then put it back in - but the problem was still present.

    It seems to be gone now. No sign of it all. But it comes back. And I really don't know where to look.
  10. Also, my fans are manually running at 50%. And my room is freezing.
  11. How do you physically connect to your display (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI or VGA)?
  12. HDMI. Could it be the cable? Haven't tried that.
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    Yep, swapping the cable could help, as could verifying that it is firmly connected on both ends. Loose connections can cause these sorts of symptoms.
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  15. Alright, I'll give it go. That is most likely the issue. This cord has been tossed around a lot, and I know they are a sensitive bunch. Many thanks for your attendance to this matter!
  16. Cool beans! BTW, I saw your other thread about considering adding another GPU to your CFed rig or looking at SLI. What are you playing that needs that much horsepower?
  17. Batman Arkham City. It run's terrible. Even on medium settings, the dips are unbearable. It goes from 60-50-40-50-40-50-60. Also, Assassin's Creed II runs pretty bad. Skyrim runs alright. Actually, it runs great - 60 fps all the time, occasional dips to 50 in certain areas like Markarth and Riften (due to fog and water effects probably). But I have to run Skyrim in windowed mode, and disable my other card, because indoors it reads 60 fps - but the stuttering is unbelievable. Its like watching a stop motion picture. So I run the game in windowed mode. And while it runs fine, I feel a bit cheated (considering I have another 360 dollar card laying dormant beside the one I'm using).

    I don't know. The drive support is pretty damn bad.
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