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So, I wanted to build a new PC, but having trouble on picking a PC case. I narrowed it down to three cases:

1. Antec One - £37
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2. Revoltec Sixty Eight - £26
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3. Xigmatek Asguard Pro - £30
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I was leaning towards going for the Xigmatek or the Antec case, wasn't really sure which one to pick. Any recommendations of better cases around £20 - £40 will be taken into consideration.
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  1. cases are very subjective since the are determined by personal aesthetics... but out of those 3 I think the xigmatek looks the cleanest... (I personally don't like my cases junked up with a ton of plastic and I'm sure many people here will recommend a case from the HAF series)
  2. What hardware is going into it? I'd hate to recommend xx case only to find your graphics card won't fit in without the angle grinder getting involved :)
    Water/air cooling?
    bothered about mesh or acrylic side windows or lights?
    £40 is a narrow budget for a quality case but there are gems out there,
    check Scan, Dabs and Ebuyer as well for bargain cases
  3. This isn't going to be an expensive build. Air cooling, very rarely there is going to be CrossFireX/SLI and it will have an ATX motherboard. Not bothered about a side window but no lights. I wanted this to be a quality case because in the future I want to re-use as many parts as possible to keep payments to a minimum.
  4. Personally I like the Xigmatek. Always have liked their cases. They are a breeze to work in and very well done units. I have been eying that particular case for my brothers rebuild for a while now.
  5. The Antec One looks similar to the Antec 300. I have the 300 (and have used many Antec cases) and like Antec very much. IMHO.
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