7750 x2 or 6870 x1?

I am more toward the single 6870 and possibly the 7850 when it is out. But would like to know what you think of CF them?
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  1. i think crossfire is a whole nother beast to deal with, unless your good. i rarely recommend it with out knowing someone.

    the most important information we need here is what resolution you are playing at.
  2. 7850 if you can wait for benchmarks and the price is right

    if not then 6870.
  3. Not for Mac. If my avatar gave you the idea.haha

    Okay thanks, no CF then. I bet the 7850 would be my choice anyways.
  4. Quote:
    Crossfire is easy it is just the people that never done it and are scared to try something new that claim it is dangerous etc LOL but it's really easy power off system plug in second card connect CF/SLI Bridge reboot and select enable CF/SLI in the control panel LOL.

    This, but its not a good idea to Xfire 2 mid/low range cards anyhow, I mean, whats your upgrade path then if its not enough power? :)
  5. Yeah, I have CF before. Ran into a few scaling problems. Just wondering since I am going low end if the mid ranged card would be better than 2 low ends.
  6. This is really just a question as to performance. Not really anything solid yet. I wasn't too hot on CFing 7750's anyways, because I may CF a 7850 if/when they come out. Answers pretty much summed it up though, VF low end card is not a good idea. Maybe mid-ranged.

    Really appreciate that you are willing to help though!
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  8. Quote:
    Another noob fallacy "It's not good to CF mid range card" LOL and another NOOB fallacy "Microstuttering" LOL

    I never once even uttered the word Microstuttering.

    Please, if you can think of any scenario where it would be better to xfire 2 low end cards then have 1 more powerful one please do say.
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