Question about graphic card height.

I was thinking of grabbing this

because it is cheap, and I wanted something to play some rather simple things on, but if I wanted to upgrade the graphics card in to it I saw it was only 3.75" wide. Could I find a graphics card that would fit in that case? The ones I looked at all seemed to be at least 4".

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    You would be limited to what is a low profile GPU. And I think that a HD 6670 is the the highest ranking card that you can go to. So any card higher than that would be a no go.

    So anything under that card should be able to find a low profile type card. Here is a link to the 6670's. Just look in each heading for the words low profile. And Good luck to you.
  2. you need a card that explicitly says "low profile"........... and it can only be 1 slot thick. you can't fit anything else in that case.
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