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Help me my computer became too slow suddenly..??

Hi guys, help me to find out what happen to my computer. It just got too slow and laggy in start up and while running hangs and my games just got crashed or laag too much. It is hardly running any extra processes than usually and the performance and ram usage is normal. Can anyone tell me whats happening or what is causing trouble.
Please, guys reply fast it's too frustrating to play or work.

My configuration is:

Intel I7-930 no oc
Gigabyte mobo
RAM 6 gb ddr3
GPU AMD 5770 1 GB
HDD 1 TB segate and 500 GB WD
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  1. Have you tried running msconfig to see what is running at startup?
  2. Yep i'had check that one at the very first but it is showing the normal processes as it was before the problem occurs...
  3. is it only the games that lag or the whole computer in general has been slow ? could be a virus if the entire system has become slow.. run a full system scan and see if your antivirus picks up anything
  4. if it is a virus, I would suggest you scan with something else, perhaps an online scanner, since your current av software didnt detect it in the first place.
  5. i had scanned the whole computer with avg twice but it found nothing. Then today i'had just formatted the computer, only the main drive but still its slow booting and lagging all around...not only games but app are also lagging and crash all time sooner or later..
  6. run memtest86 overnight, if it can make it that long without crashing.
  7. Why did you pick that PSU?
  8. ok i'll try memtest and for why I purchase that psu , tagan is the best available and much powerful than the coolermaster and is handling all thing i put on it....
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    Try to dis check
    U can detect and repair hard drive errors that prevent files from being accessed or cause system crashes.
  10. could be a PSU problem.
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