Do you think my motherboard will be ok with this setup

Hi there I've got an ASUS P5N-D and a 128gb ssd running windows 7 64 bit home premium I've got 2x2 DDR2 800MGz and 2x2 DDR2 1066MGz just wondering if you think my motherboard will be ok with this setup and what I should do to properly setup my motherboard thanks in advance with kindest regards Scott
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  1. When mixed memory is installed, the faster ram will run at the slower speed so the system Should work. This doesnt take into account incompatible memory; sometimes two different sets of ram are just not compatible with each other and won't run.

    That motherbd doesn't have AHCI support so the best you can do is set it into sata mode instead of legacy/ide.

    You loose trim support since you dont have AHCI so you will need to look into your SSD's garbage collection. Maybe there is a utility that can force it to run or if its good enough to run in the background. In any event , you want a backup of your drive somewhere and when the drive gets sluggish, erase it properly ( manufacturers utility like hdderase) and reload yuor backup to restore speed.
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