ECDR 5 [-peep-] up


I installed a version of direct CD 5 as a test
This program [-peep-] up my windows

I deleted it because I found nothing interesting about it
I installed the new version NERO instead , much better

But I came to the conclusion that Direct CD has done something with my writersetting , deep down in win2k

If i try to write something with any burnprogram I always get complaints about the buffer .

When I look in my system , I saw that windows thought I had scsi devices ! So I deleted the whole IDE adapter and windows detected it again and so .

But the problem remains : I still can't write in DAO .

Nero cannot even read a CD ( nor in my CDRW or in my CDROM ) . It quits immediately and says there is something wrong with the drive ( which isn't , al least not physical )
I am not fond of reinstalling my whole system so I wondered if someone here could give me hints of where I could find those settings .

it is a home-built system
I am running Win2k sp2 on a Athlon750( Aopen AK72 )
256 megs of RAM
HP 8200i writer and a creative 4832 CDROM
I am a administrator in IKEA , not the average user

Chalk one up for the maniac
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  1. The <A HREF="" target="_new"> patch</A> will probably fix it, but it might be too late, many, many systems were taken down for good with the "latest and gratest" version 5. I am still using 4.03 and it is the best as far as Win2k (server in my case) support.

    Have fun.

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  2. I uninstalled it already , I keep my Nero
    That is a much better program for me

    but : I uninstalled ECD5 and it [-peep-] up my writer settings .
    I don't want it back , I don't like it
    The patch has something to do with Take Two , which I didn't use .

    I just want my writer to work , preferably without stupid cd creator 5

    Chalk one up for the maniac
  3. Here's my advice.

    Uninstall Nero. Reinstall Easy CD Creator 5. Do a custom installation, without Take Two, which is installed by default. See if this fixes your problem. Then go to the link that blah provided and download the patch. Install it.

    Nero is the better program for user customizations, but you might find your burning speed to be compromised while using it because your older HP drive doesn't support Burn-proof. This is why Nero keeps sending you messages about buffer underruns. You'll get better speeds with the HP using Easy CD Creator.

    If you don't want to use Creator 5, then follow blah's advice and try out 4.03, which is considered to be the last stable version for use in Win2K.

    If necessary, get the Win2K ASPI layer files from the Nero website and install them, in case they were removed or corrupted when you pulled out Creator 5.

    Nero really didn't work well for me in Win2K until I installed a drive that supported Burn-proof.

    As an "Administrator", you should know better than to arbitrarily install new software in Win2k without checking in advance to see if there are compatibility issues.


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  4. I used Nero for several months on win2k without any problems
    The previous version , that is

    I don't get buffer underrun problems with nero , that was with Easy cd creator 5 .
    Nero just complains that there is something wrong with my buffer alignment or something like that .

    And yes I am an administrator but this is a problem on my PC at home which is used to test programs .
    If my PC doesn't run anymore , I just reinstall it .
    But if I can avoid that , it's always better .
    I won't do something like this at work , but on my private PC I do this stuff all the time

    Chalk one up for the maniac
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