Will sapphire hd 6670 1gb DDR5 run on any motherboard

motherboard GA 945GCM S2L DDRII AMD athlon II 260 3.2 GHz processor 3GB DDR 2 ram
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  1. it will work on that motherboard which has x16 pcie slot not with any motherboard.

    the motherboard you gave its for intel cpu not an amd cpu or you are going to upgrade it?
  2. ya ya i m going to... so this mother board will nt support amd ?? :(
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    no that motherboard is for intel cpus like core 2 duo,core 2 quad etc.

    look at this its supported cpus list.
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  5. can u suggest me sum very cheap mother board for amd athlon ii 260 & which has x16 pcie slot ...... ddr 2 can also work plsss( for gaming ) or any intel processor as powerull as amd athlon ii 260 ( both by money as well as performance)]
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