Guys please help me out of this!

Hi friends, I asked some people about this and all of them gave me different answers. So please, do help me out of this! Look, I wanna buy a new graphic card , an HD 6670(preferably a Sapphire HD 6670 100326L). I have a PSU that came with the cabinet bundled. I do not have much power hungry parts, look for yourself!

First I will give you the info-

My system specs---
# A GA-M61PME-S2P motherboard
# 2 GB kingston DDR2 RAM( will upgrade to 4 GB)
# An AMD Athlon 2 X2 245 CPU
# An Intex 450 W PSU (bundled)
# A PCI-E x16 slot
# LG Monitor with max 1400 X 900 resolution.

More info about my PSU....
This is exctly what is written on my PSU..

Smart IT-2045S+
450 Watt, 20+4 Pin , 1 SATA , 3HDD , 1 FDD, 1 FAN.
AC INPUT: 220V 50Hz 5A
DC OUTPUT: +3.3V: 30 A +5V: 29A+12V: 18 A -12V:0.5 A +5VSB:2A
ATX 2.03

Now the question is if my PSU will handle an hd 6670 or not. If it will, which brand should I buy( Sapphire, XFX etc.). Also tell me if the card will be compatible for my PC or not!

I don't want to upgrade my PSU so if my PSU will not handle 6670, please suggest me another card!

Any help will be greatly appreciated! I have been using an 8400GS which has a TDP of 45 W and the HD 6670 has a maximum TDP of 63W. So, I think that it won't make such a difference!
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  1. Power Supply---
    The psu can probably handle it but the problem is how much, with capacitor aging and some time this psu will be running at extreme low efficiency and may no be able to handle the computer anymore.

    This is a terrible PSU, and you can probably use it with 6670 but be aware that with that generic psu, problems WILL occur during some time, so i would strongly advice you to check for a new psu before upgrading graphics card, or you will risk the new gpu.

    You will YES be able to use it, the question is for how long?

    VIDEO CARD----
    You should go for any of those, the lowest price should suffice:
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