Diablo 3: Trust Nvidia Drivers 295.73 or get HD7870

Going to be playing Diablo3 majorly once it comes out.

The recent Nvidia Drivers update 295.73 been designed to enhance graphic on some games including D3.
with GTX560 ti


i can just get HD7870 when its released, but i've seen some graphical spasm AMD drivers can do on some games...(no offence Radeon peeps)

so... trust the Nvidia driver and get cheaper Gtx560 ti/gtx 570 or get them new shiny bling-bling hd7870
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  1. 1- Wait benchmarks for Diablo 3
    2- Set a fps target (if you want a minimum 40 fps for example)
    3- Buy the cheapest card that fill the requirements.
  2. Anything from the performance of a GTX560 and HD6850 is more then likely going to run D3 flawlessly, it is not heavy on the GPU, it will probably be a bit heavier on cpu due to physics and such
  3. Diablo 3 wont be a "demanding" game. I am not concearned about my GTX 460 ... so. But in your case i would do this: either buy now the 7870 OR if i want nVidia ill wait for Kepler. I am sure the GTX560 ti is going to be overkill for D 3 but if i would buy today a new card i would buy the new generation ^^
  4. alex3064 said:

    Going to be playing Diablo3 majorly once it comes out.

    Well if you wan't the computer only to play diablo wait for the Nvidia 600 series, there you will probably find a great card for low cost.

    i would not recommending jumping to a 7870 if you are going to play only diablo.

    wait for the 600 to be released you will probably find a graphics card there that will worth your while.
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