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Hello, got a phenom II X4 955 running very hot with stock clocks, idles at 34-40 degrees, and jumps to 61 degrees at load. I have chosen to replace the cooler as it was an old cooler from my socket 939 computer but it was made out of copper.
Anyways I have these choices. My case has a width of 7.08 inches. If there are any better coolers under 35 I would appreciate if you could post it here.

silenx effizio efz-92ha3
Scythe Katana 4
Arctic Freezer 13
Cooler Master Hyper TX-3
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  1. Are you looking to OC? Because those temps are more than fine for that CPU. Unless you're hitting the high 70s on load there's nothing to worry about.
  2. COOLER MASTER GeminII S524 120mm Long Life Sleeve CPU Cooler Compatible with Intel Sandy Bridge

    With this heatsink you can use a 120mm fan and the heatsink actually clears the ram slots so you won't have to worry about thier heatspreaders. It's 4.1" tall so that should fit your case.
    If you didn't like it then the Coole Master Hyper TX-3 would be a good choice.
  3. Any other choices, what would be the best out of the 4 I have selected. Also is it okay to lap any of those heatsinks? I hear you should not lap heatsinks with heatpipes.
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    If you read my post you would see that I selected the CM tx3 for my choice and you should not lap any heatsinks that have the direct contact of the heatpipe with the cpu because you would then be laping the heatpipe itself and those are thin pipes so it would be very easy to make a hole in it.
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  6. I own a TX3 and I just hate it. The temps are almost the exact as a stock cooler. I highly not recommend it.
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