Dell Dimension 8100

Is it my imagination or is this the least supported model from Dell?

Even the Dell website Parts page does not offer the 8100 as an option on their drop down menu.

Anyone out there that has a lead on graphics card upgrade options and parts for this model?
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  1. According to your system manual found here....

    Your limited to AGP cards for an upgrade. The best one I can find on right now is the Radeon HD 4670 which is outrageously priced north of $100.

    In all honesty any AGP card you can buy isn't going to provide anything beyond basic functionallity when used with today's software. The platform is just too old and antiquated, so much so that the card above probably costs more than a comparable replacement for your PC.

    If all you need is a video card for basic functionality I would go with this one....

    It's a refurbished Geforce 6200 256 MB AGP card that will run you less than $30 with the promo code right now. It's won't do much for games, but it will be more than enough to run Windows and basic office/web stuff without a problem.
  2. i got a hand-me-down Nvidia Geforce 6200 AGP graphics card for my Dell 8100, upgraded to 2GB of RAM, and 2Ghz processor. The machine has been reformatted and OS reinstalled/updated. It runs like new.
  3. Awesome, glad it worked out.
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