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Will SLI run good with my PSU

hi i have the Nivida geforce GTS 240 OME card and i want to get another for SLI on my Nivida nforce 650i mobo but i don't know if my psu will burn out or keep up with the SLI

my psu is the cooler-master GX 650W ATX psu

will it be okay or should i upgrade
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    The GTS 240 doesn't use a ton of power as far as I know, so you might be able to get away with 650 watts. Typically you'd want at least 750 for SLI just to be safe, though. If you blow your PSU, it can damage other components in your computer when it goes, and end up costing a lot more than a replacement PSU.

    My recommendation would be to find a PSU calculator (just google PSU calculator) and find out how much power it says you'll need, then add 100 watts to it to be safe.
  2. it says recomened is just under 400 so ill be ok thanks for the help
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