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I just build a new computer about a week ago and was wondering about some of the temps I'm getting from my 2500k. I have a GA-Z77X-UD5H , Ripjaws X 8GB, CZ ModXStream Pro 600W and my old HD 4850 which I am upgrading soon. My CPU cooler is a arctic cooling freezer 7 pro rev.2(used Arctic Silver 5). So my idle temps are around 37-40C and my load temps peak at 70C(using prime95). Now everywhere i look even with the stock cpu cooler people were getting lower temps then me with my aftermarket cooler. My room temp is around 24C, no overclock and have all stock volts. Should i reapply the thermal past and heat sink?

Here is a pic of my set up if that helps anyone and yes all my fans are blowing the right way
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  1. Yeah, that's definitely higher than I would expect for an aftermarket cooler. That's just about the same as I had for the few days that I actually used the stock cooler on my own 2500K.

    The Freezer 7 isn't the best, but it's definitely better than the stock cooler, so yeah, I'd suggest going ahead and re-seating the Freezer 7 with new thermal paste, just to be sure that you got it right (just be sure to thoroughly clean off the paste that's there, first).

    If that doesn't help, a 212 Evo (like I have, currently), will definitely do the trick.
  2. The temperatures are almost mirrors of what I expect out of the stock cooler. With the 212 + and the Intel® Core™ i7-2600K, I was getting temperatures of around 31C at idle and under 60c unload in a game.
  3. I'm betting the cooler isn't installed correctly. Did it come with factory TIM or did you use your own? Check that the 4 feet of the cooler are flush to the motherboard. And that the push pins fully opened the 'fingers' behind the board. If your cooler's heat sync base isn't making good contact with the CPU's heat spreader, you will have poor heat transfer. Btw, I've used that cooler on a much hotter running Phenom II X4, and it performs nicely. It's not quite as good as the 212, but still adequate.
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