Is this power supply and video card compatible with my rig?

Hey everyone, I'm running a Dell Inspiron 580 that I bought a couple years back when I was just getting into PC gaming, and I was looking to upgrade my graphics card to a more current one, but I see now that the 300 Watt power supply I'm running really won't cut it anymore. here are the specifications for my computer

(The current card is a Nvidia GeForce 210, not the integrated card.) this is the card I was hoping to purchase (It looks compatible from what I can see but I'm not entirely sure.) is the power supply...

I just wanna confirm that this would work before I purchase anything... if this doesn't work, can you guys recommend to me something better? I'm in a $200-300 price range, and i'm shipping in the US.

Thanks alot in advance guys!
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  1. you would be cutting it very close with 300W, but i run a HD 6770 +i3 2120 off a 300W supply

    dont buy diablotek, they dont build with quality in mind, if anything go for somthing like
  2. Ah, I probably should have specified, my main purpose for this build is to play Dark Souls, and evidence has thus far suggested that it and ATI cards do not mix well.
  3. Hmm check what power connectors the card requires and what PCi power connectors your psu has - the motherboard will require a 4pin and the graphics card is likely to require just a 6pin (I think). Also, on the website it should give you a minimum power requirement.
  4. ahh yes, just to specify, the HD 6770 and the GTX 550 are competing cards, thus use about the same amount of power
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