Friends computer not turining on.

I was helping my friend install an ssd. I installed a new operating system and all seemed fine except the internet wouldnt work, but im guessing thats not hardware related. Now however he says that the computer wont display anyting. He says that all the fans are spinning in the case and the cpu heatsink fan is spinning aswell. However the power suppuly fan isnt spinning. Dead PSU? Ive told him to check to make sure everything is completely plugged in, take out the vid card and try onboard video, and to remove the ssd and see if it will go to the bios, but none of those worked.

Pheonm II 965 be
asus m4a89gtd pro usb3
8 gb ddr3 ripjaws 1333
1tb hdd
120 gb ocz vertex 3 ssd
an old 4670 (dosent game much)
idk the powersuppuly brand but i know its not good. its like a pcpower pccool or something like that but its 1050-1200 watts and modular

Any ideas would be very helpful.

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  1. Does anyone have any input? Dead PSU? Fried mobo? bad ssd?
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    Sounds like a dead PSU, lets hope to god it didnt kill anything else when it died.

    As far as the internet working.. on a new computer build, the internet will not work until the LAN drivers are installed.
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  4. Was the psu, Swapped it out with my old one and everything seems to be running good.

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