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Well, the good news is that I have decided to build my own computer, but I still have one question that I think needs to be answered. In one of my previous post, I mentioned that I will need to use my computer for SolidWorks, probably low to mid level parts and assemblies, and I also want to be able to play games on it...mostly COD MW3. I have been told that a graphics card for gaming will most likely work fine for my SolidWorks parts, just with less rendering capabilites, but I wanted to know is it possible to run TWO different cards on the same machine...ONE for gaming (like a GeForce or something?), and ONE for SolidWorks (like a quadro?)..Could I switch between them during the programs? I am a noobie and not the greatest on computer please respond like im 5 years old:) I know you guys are probably tired of people like me asking the same questions over and over again, but I really appreciate your help!
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  1. i have the same question, i herd some where that u can convert a GEforce card in to a FX card by some software magic, but not 100% sure.....
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