Dell OptiPlex 745 - Stock Cooling suitability for Core2 Q6700?

Ahoy folks!

I have a Dell OptiPlex 745 (mini-tower) that I will be upgrading the CPU on.
Currently it sports an Intel Core2 Duo (E6400) and I plan to upgrade to an Intel Core2 Quad (Q6700).
I have found multiple references to the mobo being compatible with this CPU (a challenge unto itself).
My concern is the TDP difference between the Duo (65W) & the Quad (95W).

Will the stock cooler in these Dell rigs be sufficient for the task?

I have included a photo link below for reference sake of the cooling shroud.

Intel Core2 Duo (E6400):

Intel Core2 Quad (Q6700):

Thank you for your time.
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    Knowing that Dell like other OEM's used better than stock/bundled coolers and seeing something that looks like a heat pipe cooler I would guess it will work.
  2. Confirmed, and thanks for the response.
    I upgraded over the weekend and the giant heat-sink was more than capable (little difference in monitored heat generation).
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