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Help with the computer freeze problem

I have recently get a computer from a friend of my, and the MOBO is
EVGA nforce n790i ultra sli, intel Core 2 Quad Q8200
the video card is EVGA 9400GT (1GB version)
the ram is Viper DDR3, 8GB, 1600MHZ
Running Windows 7 64-bit
the problem is when everytime when I watching the video, it just freeze and I have to restart the computer.
I search the forum and try to adjust the BIOS but it doesn't work.
Does anyone know what's happening.
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    Have you down loaded the latest versions of flash player , java , direct x and the video card drivers?
    There could be a conflict with some software related to the playing of movies. You can go into the action center and run the troubleshooter to see if it finds any problems. Also you can look in the event viewer to see what it says about the the state of the computer when the freeze happens.
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    Also, if software conflicts or registry errors are causing the problem, run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry both. If fact, I'd do that first before any more troubleshooting.
  3. my computer loader with the latest software and drivers, and the windows are new install, I don't know if that is the software problem or hardware problem but I will try the suggestion tonight and hopfully it will work.
    Thank you for the information.
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