Hyper TX3 & AMD 965 BE

is it okay that the heat sink swivels with a budge of force after its been locked down by the metal clip? also the entire cpu chip isn't covered by the heatsink as if the surface of the heatsink is just slightly smaller than the chip surface. Everything powers up but im worried this could bite me back after time. by the way this is my first build
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  1. The heatsink should not be moving with any type or amount of force , it should be locked down and not be moving at all. Are you sure that you used the correct clips for the type of cpu that you have?
  2. If you just mounted it then it can move a little while the paste is still wet. I have both TX3 and TX2 and neither will fully cover a AMD CPU, the TX2 has been in use for 5 years and the TX3 for 1 and no problems.
  3. yes i just mounted it and like i said it takes some torque to turn its not like it freely slides around. i can lift the mobo by the heat sink and seems sturdy but maybe its just that the wet thermal paste. i locked down the clip and thanks for the assurance that it doesnt have to cover the entire surface
  4. That is they same behavior I experienced with mine.
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