AMD HD 6950 to 6970 failed BIOS flash

I have an MSI Twin Frozor III HD 6950 and I tried to flash the BIOS on it to a BIOS for a 6970

It failed to boot with the first few BIOS's, but I used the card's DualBIOS switch to boot and flash another BIOS to it.

Then I guess I forgot to flip the switch before flashing so I must have flashed the recovery BIOS as well, now my computer will not boot (it just loops)

I do have a copy of my old BIOS on my hard drive by the way.

Please could somebody help me restore my GPU to working order.
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  1. make a flashable media with the proper bios, boot from it, flash your bios, and hopefully your problems will be solved. Otherwise it is time to purchase a new GPU :)
  2. ... sorry, bootable media (CD, USB, ETC... where's my coffeeeeeeee
  3. Ok, ill try that when I get home

    EDIT: How would I boot from USB/CD if my computer does not boot (i dont get any display)
    i could possibly use the VGA or DVI port on my MoBo
  4. Just wanted to give anyone who may happen upon this with the same problem as me instructions on what i did to fix this.

    1. Remove your graphics card and boot using and older card or onboard graphics.

    2. Get your old BIOS which you hopefully saved (if not then you are pretty much screwed)

    3. get this:

    and this:

    4. Install the program and extract the windows 98 files to an easily accessible location

    5. Get a usb drive (assuming your motherboard supports booting from them) then use the application to format the drive, ticking 'Make MS-DOS bootable drive' or something like that the select the folder containing the files you extracted.

    6. Format the drive

    7. Once it`s done make a txt file on the drive called autoexec.txt and put this line of code in it without quotes

    "1.atiflash.exe -f -p 0 bios.rom -scansii"

    then rename the txt file autoexec.bat (ensure you have file extensions enabled)

    8. Rename your old bios 'bios.rom' you could name it something else but you would have to edit the above code and then put it on your USB

    9. Download this program: then put it on the USB drive

    10. shutdown your system and enter the motherboard BIOS, try to find a setting that makes the computer use the intergrated graphics on your CPU in preferance to a discrete card

    11. try to find a setting that uses display from intergrated graphics first in the bios

    12. exit bios and let your computer reboot or just shut it down it does not really matter


    14. Start up your computer and enter the boot menu, select USB-HDD

    15. You should see a Windows 98 splash then a bunch of lines of code ending with something like 'reboot to complete update' if you don't you either did something incorrectly or I suck at writing guides

    16. Do what it says and undo the BIOS settings mentioned earlier

    17. If the system boots correctly then you have succsefully fixed your grpahics card :sol:
  5. i would say: You suck at writing guides :-]

    "1.atiflash.exe -f -p 0 bios.rom -scansii"

    I tryed a lot of things befor i was trying it without the "1."....

    I had never something done in DOS, so i thougt it has to be there, for that the Boot device know it is the "first" thing to do....... :-))

    But the rest, funtastic, THANKS A LOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and sry 4 My English^^
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