SamSung 2043NWX Black/Blue Screen, does not show picture replaced CAPS

Hi I have a Samsung 2043 NWX which recently stooped displaying picture.
It started displaying blue and black screen when connected with VGA cable and "Check signal cable" when no input connected

I opened the circuit Board and replaced the blown Capacitors with same ratings.

( The power supply circuit Board)

When connected with input like TV tuner

( Input connected)

( Input connected, menu options working, but picture adjust does not work like horizontal and vertical adjustments, only brightness and some other options seem to work)

( No signal connected )

Now also the problem persists, I see that the voltage reading against each capacitor is less than what it is designed for, example 16 volt is reading just 6-8 volts and the voltage across the 3 diodes is just 2.5 volts.

Can some body help me in fixing this issue?

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  1. Any solution for this? Now I see proper input voltage is supplied to TCON board.
    It was fault reading due to multimeter issues.
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