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EyeFinity Monitor Choice

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March 5, 2012 4:06:47 PM

So Several Days Ago I started a thread on eyefinity monitor choice, didn't get what I had hoped for in terms of respons, so I'm starting a new thread with a list of Monitors I'v looked at to day. I'd like to keep the price between 200 and 250, but I did include some 27" that go over that. I want to ask you the community which you would go with? Right now i'm learning on the first asus listed as it had the most reviews, and was still able to maintain a 5egg status, there is also the 27' from View Sonic thats at 260, problem is only 2 reviews, 1 5egg and 1 2g so what do you guys think?

Asus 1-

Asus 2-


Planar -

Samsung -

Viewsonic -

Viewsonic -

Hanns-G -



ViewSonic - - $260 on newegg atm.

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March 6, 2012 3:35:52 PM

stay as far away from any 27" HannsG monitors as you can. Nothing but problems for me and anyone I talked to, especially for running eyefinity. And even if you have to spend a little more, Id go with Samsung.

You will never be disappointed with Samsung. Im running 2 samsungs for my current eyefinity setup and I wish I wouldve spent the extra $50 to get a third instead of my Hanns.