Is Core i3 2125 Processor worth buying?

if i get one Core i3 2125 Processor,do i need to buy a gfx card for gaming?a Core i3 2125 already has an integrated intel hd 3000 graphic so is there any issue while playing games on this integrated graphic?
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  1. Depends on the game and resolution. Some less demanding games can be run at lower resolutions and settings with HD 3000, but it's far from an ideal solution. A fairly affordable graphics card can do much better.
  2. i have a msi g41m-p28 motherboard,can core i3 2125 work on that board?
  3. No, your motherboard supports socket 775 CPUs like Core 2 Quad. The Core i3 2125 is socket 1155, just like all other sandy bridge and ivy bridge CPUs.
  4. You need a new socket LGA 1155 motherboard. The integrated GPU is fine for some games, but it's much better suited to office applications.
  5. I think you would be best off just doing a new build. When you say you are going to play games what kind of games. Modern video games like BF3, Skyrim, COD and stuff like that or online flash player games?
  6. games like bf3,fifa12 and upcoming fifa13 kind of which motherboard will be best suited for core i3?and is it the board that have integrated graphics or the i3 processor?
  7. No the CPU has the integrated graphics not the motherboard. If you are going to be playing games you are best off forgetting the integrated graphics and getting a dedicated video card.
  8. is the 2nd generation processors the only one to possess an integrated graphic card or the older processors also possessed an integrated graphic card?
  9. Socket 775, 1366, 1156 and 1155 all have integrated graphics but you can't really play games with integrated graphics not at decent resolutions and pretty much only on low graphic settings. Like I said if you want to play games you are better off getting a dedicated video card.
  10. thanx buddy that was helpful......n i need to know that is psu with 450 watts a better upgrade for a psu with just 276watts?does lower psu watt have drawback in gfx card performance?????
  11. 276 Watt PSU is pretty low. If you are running a dedicated graphics you will want atleast a 450- 500 Watt PSU. You also want to make sure you get a good quality PSU. Cheap PSU don't always run at the speeds they claim. It might say 500 Watts on the side but if it's cheap and junky it probably won't really be putting out anywhere near 500 Watts. Worse when a PSU blows it tends to take other hardware with it including RAM, motherboard and video cards
  12. ok so how do i get to know that a newer psu is efficient or not?since i m from nepal,here dealer's dont have the latest products so have to work out with few older products.....
  13. does i3 bottleneck my gfx performance??????
  14. It shouldn't bottleneck the video card but it will depend on what graphics card you get and what resolution you are playing.
  15. if i get a gtx 560 ti,will a core 2 duo processor bottle neck my gfx card's performance?
  16. Well, this really depends on the EXACT Core 2 Duo.
  17. mine is e4500 so what is the result like?
  18. That would be a bottleneck.
  19. can i overclock my core 2 duo e4500?
  20. so getting an i3 is an better option?
  21. Yes an I3 would be a worthwhile upgrade and would be faster than a socket 775 Core 2 Duo.
  22. thanx buddy for ur help
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