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Which cpu for home server?

i was wondering if i should get an i3-2120 or a fx6200 for a home server. i will be doing backups and streaming with whatever various things you use with a server.
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  1. I would get the i3-2120 , it's a much better cu.
  2. even with the 4 fewer cores?
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    Actually, for a server, the i3s are nowhere near as good as an FX-6200, but the 6200 is simply much more powerful than necessary for a home server.

    Something like an Athon II x3 or a Celeron G530 would probably be the best solution for a home server. They don't need much performance.
  4. radmanhs said:
    even with the 4 fewer cores?

    I recommend that you read my edit.
  5. k, i did, just asked before received response
  6. radmanhs said:
    k, i did, just asked before received response

    Hey, no harm done, I was too slow.

    This is a gaming cpu Hierarchy chart that Tomshardware puts out once a month and it lists the cpus by order of best to last. I know that your doing a home server but this just gives you an indication of where Intel cps are when compared to AMD cpus. You'll notice that there are no AMD cpus in the top two levels.
    If your just building a home server that doesn't need a high powered cpu then you can go for something less than a FX-6200 or i3-2120 and look at the G-870 and G-860 , they are good enough for what you need and inexpensive as well.
  8. lol
  9. That doesn't apply at all to OP. Servers are extremely good at using all threads and games are generally not at all. The 6200 would be almost twice as fast as an i3-2120 and an FX-8150 would trade blows with the quad core i7s, both of which would beat the i5s by a good 20-40%. Any Pentium would be far more than necessary for a home server anyway. Again, an Athlon II x3 or a Celeron G530 are the best options for OP.
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