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i just finished installing my 3570k with nice heat sink. but i botched the heatsink installation the first time and had to take it off after thermal paste was already applied. after i fixed the problem i noticed there was a good amount of thermal paste on both the heat sink and the cpu, and since it had not sat long at all i just put the two back together as is. i am now conserned since there was a good amount of paste that if i didnt put it back on perfectly straight some of the paste may have exceeded the cpu's top. also conserned on thermal paste spread since i did not wipe components clean and reapply. should i be worried my spu is going to short or is everything pretty much good once the past cures?
temps seem fine so far
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  1. Is the nice heat sink the stock one or an after market thing?? in most cases the thermal compounds are not metal based and therefore will not short the cpu. since you seated the heat sink before the compound could cure there is nothing to worry about...temps seem fine under load as well I hope :)
  2. Well, TBH it shouldn't be a problem. If you ever do a reinstall you can refer to the guides below.
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