Buyin and confused witch are more powerful

im searchin for days for the perfect vga cart :( but am extremely confused
cuz i dont want to spend my money on something doesn't deserve :(

so while am searchin i found these 4 carts and i think they are perfect especially the !!!! MSI's !!!!
so please am askin u which of these 4 cart are more powerful

chose on of these 4 and please answer me if u are pretty sure !!!!





and !!!

am thinking about the MSI N560GTX-Ti 448 Twin Frozr III PE/OC and the MSI GeForce GTX560 1 GB
which one are more powerful ?
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    They are all the same card... When clocked the same they will all perform the same.. If you are going to overclock get the one with the best cooling prob the twin froz card if not get the cheapest one.. they are prob all within 5% performence of each other depending on the facory overclocks..

  2. ^ they aren't all the same, the last one is normal 384 core version

    you can't go wrong with either of the 1st 3 cards; personally i'd get msi twin frozr because i believe it has superior cooling capabilities (this is just a guess, i didn't see any benchmarks to back this claim with)

    i own msi cyclone gtx460 and the cooler is an absolute beast (twin frozr version of 460 had slightly better results, although at the cost of being louder, but it wasnt available at the time i got this one)
  3. Agreed..they are the same card., except the last one .overclocked a bit differently each. You would need a decent quad core cpu(3GHz or more) to get this cards full potential, and you definately need a quality 550 to 600 watt power supply to run these cards. I just got the MSI twinfrozrIII oc/pe edition of this card last's nice
  4. thanks guys !
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