Looking to build a desktop for use as a seedbox/downloader

I already own an HDD and an OS. I don't need any peripherals like monitors, speakers, etc. Would like it to be under 200 dollars. Will use my own peripherals to set it up and remote view it.
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  1. The only really important thing is if the computer has 10/100 or gigabit ethernet. I have an HP DV5-2047ca (you can look it up on HP Canada) and I've seen it seed at 8MB/s (That's megabytes, not bits) and downloading at 8MB/s (at the same time). Point being, I was reaching the limit of the internet connection. Since no retail / build your down PCs come in at under $200, you'd have to look for used PCs. If you are unsure about the specs of a used PCs, post a link to it and/or NEATLY lay out the specs so that I (or someone else) can let you know if it is sufficient. Since I have no clue where you live, it wouldn't make sense for me to search for you.
  2. If it was for the sole purpose of downloading, and I already have the HDD, I'm sure the price can go under 200. Microcenter has used Pentium Ds for 20 bucks.
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