Will a Hyper 212 Evo fit in NZXT Phantom 410?

Question is in title. I'm going to be overclocking and need a new cooler.
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  1. At nearly 8.5" wide, I would certainly think so.
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    Quote from a Newegg review

    Don't let the pictures fool you there is a ton of space in this baby. I have 4 hard drives, 2 SSD, full size 6870 CROSSFIRED, coolermaster hyper 212-evo dual fan (in push pull) and 4 other fans in this chasis making it a total of 7 fans (3 fans come included) in my case and still i have plenty of room thanks to the well laid out cable management system nothing looks cluttered at all and the airflow remains superb! :D
  3. Well that solves that!
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  5. Tmant123 said:
    Well that solves that!

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