Computer won't post

Motherboard: GA-EP43-DS3L
PSU: Gigabyte
Processor: E8500

My computer won't post. It either dies as soon as I turn it on, beeps once and then dies, or beeps 9 times and then dies. Also it just keeps restarting.

I checked the RAM one stick at a time and it didn't fix it.
Tried removing the gpu and it didn't fix it.
Removed the cpu, cleaned the hsf and reapplied paste but it didn't fix it. Although the pc kept running without the proc.

Anyone knows what the problem is?
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  1. my first thought is a voltage issue of some kind, eitehr bad settings in the bios or a wire not pluged in or a bad PSU. try resetting the bios, can you get your hands on a PCI post code reader?
  2. Hi, thanks for replying - I tried to reset the bios by removing the battery but sadly it's still the same. It turns on, beeps and dies.

    No, I don't have a post code reader :(.

    By the way why do you think its the psu? And what are the odds its not my proc?
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    swap the PSU first, find a friend who has a comp they dont need for 20 min or so, drive over take his PSU and throw it in your comp. if the same issue occurs then find a CPU to test out with. out side of over clocking its rare to fry a CPU with out there being a PSU issue.
  4. Thanks for the help - its been fixed. Apparently it was the mobo, some pins broke.
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