Amd driver 8.930.0.0

so is the 9.930.0.0 12-5-2011 the lastest Driver for HD RADEON 6570 I'm very new to Cata in how it works I install from the amddriver auto detect
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  1. Latest stable CCC is 12.1 which includes the latest display driver for your card.
  2. it says i have amd cc 12.1 im good
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    You can ALWAYS start from , or here:

    If you have STEAM for games it can tell you of an update. Also CCC (Catalyst Control Panel) has an "automatically check for updates" under "information-> software update."

    CCC is in your System Tray (lower right) and looks like a little red ball with little grey things around it. If you don't see it, click the "UP ARROW"; if it's still not there it's likely not installed.
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