Low fps, good rig: cpu issue?

Hello all,

I get high fps, like 50+ on ultra settings in BF3 and Skyrim etc., but I just started playing GW2 and I am getting ridiculously low framerates, like 15-30 fps, even on low and medium settings! I just dont understand it. Someone please help me! My roommate has the same GPU as me and he is running amazing fps, like 60. I have all the latest drivers. But my roommate does have his quad core overclocked to 4.3 GHz or something ridiculous.

Anyway, please help me figure out what is wrong because I have no idea.

GPU: 2GB AMD Radeon 6970

CPU: AMD Phenom xII 945 quad core


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  1. Your roommate probably has a better CPU or he is running the game on lower settings. However your specs seems decent. You can try getting a FX 8150 or upgrade to a 965, both would run on the same motherboard that you're currently but you need a BIOS update for using the FX 8150
  2. He certainly doesn't need an upgrade for GW2. It's either a technical issue or a server lag issue.
  3. No my roommate is running the game at higher graphics. Definitely has a faster cpu than me though. But I feel like a 3.0 quad core should be more than enough for this game....

    I also just discovered that my cpu is running at about 65 degrees celcius. I know thats really high; could that extreme temperature be affecting my performance?
  4. Yes the max recommended temp for Phenom II is 62c. It could be throttling and causing you to drop fps.

    That cpu shouldn't bottleneck your video card at all.
  5. I downloaded another (more reliable) program, CPUZ hardware monitor, to gauge my temperature. It is a constant 61 degrees. Apparently 70 is the max it should be. I am installing a cooling system today, but STILL that should not help with my FPS.

    The CPUZ hardware monitor shows all 4 cores (core 0, core 1, core 2, core 3) and their temperatures. However, core 1 and core 3 say TRIAL instead of giving me a temperature. Does this mean that they are not activated or functioning properly? If so, is there any way that I can manually force them to start working, espeically for GW2, so that I can boost my fps? Of course this is assuming that my fps is low because my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU
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