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Whatup tech savy phenoms! I'm going to try to keep this short and pain free but no promises. I'm a bit of a long winded person so please bare with.

I know my way around a pc no prob but it has been many years since I've built one and the performance parts that are out these days blow me away.

I'm going to build myself a top notch gaming pc as the title suggests. Option #1 was a prebuilt Alienware... It's cool you can applaud me for changing that decision, I'll wait.

Keep in mind some of my ideas for parts may be overkill. But if I'm gonna hit it, I'm gonna hit it hard (as Ive said on more than one occasion ;)). Also keep in mind it's my money and it already is doing more by not going to Alienware. I need help sifting through which parts are good, and compatible with each other.

I have 2 motherboards in mind. I don't know which is best for what I'm building.
1. Asus p9x79 deluxe
2. Asus p8z77
I'm feeling the p9x79 but it says the CPU socket type is LGA2011. I'll admit... What?

That being said, processor choice I've come up with is
-Intel i7 3960 extreme sandy bridge six core processor

Is that compatible? I'm afraid I haven't done the research to become more knowledgeable about what turbo 2.0 is. But I want it I believe. Is that just a configuration option? A simple link with good info on that is cool with me and I'll learn it on my own. No fuss there.

- g.skill trident X 16GB RAM

Is that beast or can I do better? If I can do better, will "better" still work with heretofore said Mobo?
-Western digital 1TB caviar black
-Corsair force 180GB ssd

Graphics card:
-Nvidia GeForce GTX 690

You read correct. The mother slaying, gnarly, snorting, fire breathing dragon king itself. I got the dough. Hittin it hard so far with that one I know for sure.

Here is where I also get hazy... Power supply. The graphics card from what I read doesn't need it's own power generator installed on the side of my house. They say it's pretty efficient. But im still in the dark on what I'm really gonna need. I've chosen (basically by throwing a dart):
-OCZ ZT 550watt power supply

I guess it wouldnt hurt to throw in your ideas on a tower. I'm more of a "sleeper" dude so looks mean squat to me. Whatever fits all this in there is cool for me.

What about water cooling? Seems like a sweet way to keep heat levels in check. Do they come in fairly easy to install kits?

This rig is just for gaming. My girlfriend is a school teacher and will use it for homework/Microsoft office type of junk. Again sorry for the book but it's how I roll. Detail detail detail. Any help is more than apprectiated. And again if you get lazy, post the best possible links and I'll do the heavy reading myself unless you like to be long winded as well.
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  1. P.s.
    That would be a intel core i7-3960x

    And my ssd ive changed to vertex 4 128GB. Didn't mean to put the ladder.
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