Determine IP Address even DHCP disabled

Hey guys, i have a modem here.

problem is my brother has been playing with its config page. he changed the IP Address of the modem and disabled DHCP. he forgot what IP Address he inputted on the config page.

I tried resetting the router with the small button on its side. Nothing happens. all the lights blink when i pushed the reset button for 10 sec. but nothing happens. i still can't access its default IP which is

IS there anyway to determine its IP Address even if DHCP is disabled ?

Thanks guys
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  1. press the reset button for 30+ sec
  2. tried that already.
  3. What brand modem is it ?
    If it is a cisco, unplug power -=> press and hold reset button -=> plug power for at least 30 sec. -=> unplug power still holding reset for at least 30 sec.

    After this release the reset button, power on the modem and see if it's still not in factory defaults.
  4. its Huawei
  5. DHCP won't have an affect on the router/modem's IP address, your router has to have a static IP in order to assign other devices dynamic IP's. If you can still access the internet, try doing a tracert <URL>. The very first ping in the tracert will be your routers IP address.
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