How to install an email program

hello all, is there someone who can help me find how to install an email program windows 7?
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  1. Hello cindy kemp;

    The easiest one to grab is probably Windows Live Mail. It's part of the Windows Live Essential free programs you can install. You can pick and choose which of the programs you want to install.

    About Windows Live Mail
  2. Hi :)

    Or if you want a proper email program that works offline...get Thunderbird...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Your options:
    As already stated:
    (1) Windows Live mail
    (2) 3rd party program such as Thunderbired (Others exit, just googe email program)
    (3) Outlook - NOT OUTLOOK EXPRESS. Costly unless you have one of the upper end Microsoft Office pakages that includes outlook.
    (4) Most difficult - Copy Vista Winmail over to the windows 7 OS. This is what I did for wife's computer as she liked Vista winmail. As I indicated it is more involved as it is not just a "copy" as you have to change "privelage" (can google using vista winmail in Windows 7).
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