Low GPU usage and Low FPS on WOW, why?

Hi everybody ! Well I have been researching before posting this, but for this question there are many solutions and mostly the problem comes with a CPU bottleneck but for me I dont think thats the problem.

Right now I am visting my uncle here in US, but im from Venezuela and I am using his desktop. I instaled a new GPU that i just brought into his system that its pretty much the same as my system in my country.

Heres the spec of his PC:

Dell Ispiron 570 (i changed its PSU for a CoolerMaster GX450 80bronze plus)

AthlonII X2 250 @3.0ghz
WD green 7200rpm 500gb
Unkown Mobo but at least suports up to 16gb ram, pci e 2.0 and amd chipset North Bridge AMD RS780/RS880
4 gb ram 2x2 1333mhz unknown brand

I instaled a HIS 6790 1GB GDDR5 and while playing WoW at 1280x1024@75hz on ultra with 2x multisampling im getting 15-20fps in ogrimmar and 30-40fps flying around durotar...

The CPU usage never goes over 50%, and normally 30-40% !

Thats the problem, if the CPU is not the bottleneck why the GPU is not working at full load? whats the problem here?

And, I have a system pretty similiar its a AthlonII x2 260 @3.7ghz and new mobo MSI 970a-g4 remplacing my old mobo.

Will increase the performance in my own pc with a processor with higher clocks and a mobo with a newer chipset?

Thanks in advance for reading this wall of text lol :hello:
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    What is your network speed? I do not see anything particularly troubling about your configuration compared to the system requirements for this game. Ogrimmar is a city and Durotar is a lowbie area if i'm not mistaken, both of which tend to be highly poplulated, which makes me think 1 of 2 things - 1) low net speed causing lag when trying to communicate all the various armor pieces, facial settings, etc that every single character on the screen has, or 2) CPU bottleneck, because generally the characters on screen in online games are handled by the cpu.
  2. I have a conection of 3Mb, im in ogri normaly with 80ms and sometimes i get 100 or more, but when im in facebook or something like,

    1st time i hear about that, didnt know that the cpu handle it

    Well the cpu i have right now is at 3.0ghz, with a 3.7 one will eliminate the bottleneck?
  3. Do have the option in WoW to turn down other player character models? If so, you could try this and see if it helps your frame rates in the areas you listed. Do you have problems in other cities? I don't think you would notice this as much unless there was a lot of PLAYER traffic in an area. It's always good to remember that VERY busy cities in many mmo's can bog down computers that exceed the recommended specs for the game given server-side lag and the sheer amount of models being loaded at a given time. If turning down the settings works and is an acceptible option for you, i would definitely go that route before replacing a cpu.
  4. WoW is more CPU based then GPU. A quad core CPU would help a bunch.
  5. Thanks for all your replies guys.

    So, I guess thats really the bottleneck is the processor, at least higher clocks will help?

    The cpu usage was pretty low as the GPU, i though that the mobo was the problem or something like that. Thats why i did no consider the processor as the bottleneck.

    I dont have money right now to get a new processor, cuz i spent all my money on the new mobo and gpu, trying to get a balance rig, i had a really old mobo am2+ lol :sweat:
  6. Happy to help!
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  8. Ogrimar and SW are so crowded that even if you usually have 85 + FPS it will drop around 30 FPS. I have a phenom x6 and it drops my frames alot on ultra even on good. Video Card GTX 580 . I think its wow. Maybe without the multi sampling and less resolution you can fix it... I wanted to share it with you. Because i was kind of frustrated also with the fps. Have a nice day
  9. Standing next to "fuzzy" things also decreases your framerate, and especially water :)

    So if you're standing by some water in-game, this will definitely cause your framerate to go down.
  10. oh great lol ! Thanks guys you are awesome :)

    Last night i was in a invasion and with only 300 ppl didnt mater if i had ultra or low details @ 1280x1024 i had 10 fps and saw pictures ! actually after 5mins fighint near Variam the server crashed ! no conection problems, details low, low resolution and made the same thing as it was on ultra.. so yes my processor sucks lol !
  11. daship said:
    WoW is more CPU based then GPU. A quad core CPU would help a bunch.

    Ive heard people with i5's have problems.
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