System Issues (rather specific)

i7 3930k
Windows 7 Home Premium
GTX 680
Asus Sabertooth X79 board
Monitor: vw246h

Alright I can't identify exactly where the problem is coming from, so I will start with identifying the symptoms..

Fresh build here.. everything seemed to be going smoothly.. however my monitor is only recognizing 1024x728 as a resolution, cannot change it to anything higher..

During boot, when there once was the Sabertooth logo that flashed on the screen during post.. that is no longer there, the system just goes straight to the windows logo. Those familiar with the Sabertooth, while (Del) normally takes me to the bios program, that no longer works, and while I can still get in by hitting F8 and then selecting Setup.. the bios does not fit in the screen but rather looks like this..
(photobucket link)

Now what I have tried..

-Of course all windows updates
-intel driver updates
-gpu driver updates
-flashing most recent bios update
-fiddled with any setting I can find both in windows display options as well as nvidia control panel..
-for the bios post issues.. yes all the settings are turned on as far as display logo and what not.. havent changed anything there..

Just cant figure it out.. in stumbling around the net someone suggested (for someone elses post) that it was an intel driver issue.. but I have tried updating anything i could and it is all coming back up to date.. Not sure where to start..

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  1. did you put the driver that came with the graphic card should be 1920x1080 for the monitor
  2. Yes I have the most current graphics card drivers,

    monitor is showing up as Generic Non-PnP and the only options for resolution are 800x600 and 1024x728
  3. Some thoughts:

    1) Does the monitor have some size adjustment controls? Perhaps that is why you do not see the full bios screen.

    2) Your problems happen before windows gets started; that suggests to me some sort of a hardware error, not a software error.
    You might open an incident with ASUS on the monitor or motherboard, along with the GTX680 card(ASUS too?)
  4. monitor is working fine on vga.. hdmi is the issue.. card seems to be working fine on other monitors.. so its on the monitors end i think. and only when going through hdmi (its not the cable)
  5. some monitors control boards are dumb. and windows wont see the monitor and will set it as a default p and p unit. there should be a setting in nvidia or windows control pannel under the monitr to show all res. it should be under customize under the nvidia control. you should be able to select more res now then just what windows wants to use. for the logo to come up see if the setting to show 3 party boot screens is on or off. if it off what happing is the mb is posting to windows as the video card is trying to show it logo. on older bios you uses to see the mb bios boot first then video cards or add in cards then windows.
  6. Now where would I find the option to show 3rd party boot screens? Cant find it in the NVidia control panel atleast.

    Also, here is a photobucket album of my boot differences.. HDMI goes straight to an old school windows load icon, whereas with VGA I get the Sabertooth screen and then a newer (what I am used to) windows load icon.. why would a difference in cable change my whole boot?
  7. I implemented your suggestion for the customize option in Nvidia control panel, so once I am to my desktop HDMI works with the correct resolution.. but it seems like a workaround or a quick fix to stop the bleeding rather than fixing the problem, because my BIOS is still not showing correctly..

    Bothers me because the Asus bios is very useful for overclocking and what not... killing me to not be able to use it and I dont want to just patch up the problem I'd rather fix it.
  8. You might open an incident with ASUS tech support.
    There might need to be an additional bios update.
    Since you can reproduce the problem, they might be more amenable to fixing it.
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