New dv6 laptop gives low test scores


i recently purchased a laptop in norway "hp dv638EO"

it features i5 cpu and switchable Intell hd3000 / AMD radeon HD 6490M 1024GDDR5 graphics

so, the package looks awesome in the store, and after softing up and updating everything, its time to benchmark this baby,

in GPU-Z i get the two cards up, start ip starcraft || and let it rip, and here starts the problem,

i only get a GPU clock rating at 100MHz and memory at 81 Mhz ati driver version is "atiumdag 8.830.6.3000 / win 7 64

i also made sure that the program was set in cataclyst as High performance,

i tried some beta drivers and that ended up with bluescreen after figedting around i bios (switching from seamless powersave to fixed )

last i tried 3dmark11 at mid range and ended up just shy of 700 points and the same clockspeed ( so its not starcraft bugging results)

does any one know how to adress this? is it factory powersave?
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  1. just tried to run the kingdoms of amalure demo, and i seems its a aut clocking solution for powesaving, :)

    so solved :)
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