Went from high fps to low fps.

Hey guys,
im not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers so please use small words...
My problem is that my gaming laptop (Asus G72Gx) use to run games like League of Legends or Empire Total War at ultra settings without a problem. About a month ago I was playing league and in the middle of the game its frames dropped to about 6fps, for like 45 seconds and then would hop back up to 60 for another 3 minutes before going back down. I fixed this by going into graphics and lowering them down a little but then it kept doing this after my computer would go into sleep. Every time I closed the lid this would happen and the only solution would be to restart the whole computer. Now, in total war for example, it does the exact same thing of complete lag for 2 mins and then works fine for about 3. This would be in the over head view of managing buildings and in battles, sea battles have not had a problem though. It would still do it without my computer going into sleep and no amount of restarts would help with Empire. I'm not sure to chalk it up to old age, too much heat on the graphics card from about 3 years of use or what. I haven't checked the fan to see if its clogged (as in I haven't opened it up) but I was hoping someone on here would have a better suggestion than "buy a new computer" and I don't feel like paying douche bag asus to fix the problem and not have my laptop for 2 weeks, college won't allow. Thanks for any and all advice!
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  1. I have the same issue and have had it for a year or so. I have dumped my computer several times (even at the suggestion of ASUS themselves...) and reinstalled drivers, etc. It would seem that the issue stems from the PC overheating (constantly runs at around 70+ degrees Celsius).

    If anyone has an answer, PLEASE respond so that us G72GX users don't have to keep suffering in our gaming performance. Thanks!
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