ASRock 970 Extreme3 - ATI Radeon 8550 no video showing up

I recently upgraded to a ASRock 970 Extreme3 i think I have everything connected correctly, and I have my ATI Radeon 8550 with 1gb discret mem connect pcie. the computer seems to be booting up but i am getting no video so I have no idea what to do? help!!
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  1. Not to discredit your knowledge but I have seen where the PCIe connections are not fully seated and where there is a 4 pin and 3 pin you must have all the pins inserted, using 2 3 pin connectors where a 4 pin is required will not work.

    Good Luck.
  2. so i may not have it insert correctly or that card wont fit in that slot. I dont have alot of knowledge. I used to be able to build a computer very quickly with ease but this was years ago. I made sure everything was compatible from the tech support at the store and did alot of research online. the card is also getting power. i've tried the dvi connect and hdmi and still get nothing. I am using a harddrive that is pre loaded with windows 7 ultimate If i formatted the drive and tried to boot from disk would that work maybe? I doubt it myself i dont think its a software issue. Ugh i just dropped like 400 bills on all this stuff trying to fix a computer that got a little water inside
  3. The card will only fit in the PCIe X16 slot which is the longest slot on the board. The graphics will display video regardless of drivers, it will default to 2d 640x480 with basic windows drivers. It sounds like the card is not fully seated in the slot or there is a problem with power connections. Also your power supply must have adequate 12v amperage or it may kill the video card. If all those things are correct then you may have to start troubleshooting by swapping out graphics cards or power supplies etc.
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