hi i have just replaced my graphics card with a nividia 550 ti graphics card every time i restart my computer it get's these green and light color green lines across the screen i have to unplug the monitor then play with the auto adjust button can some one tell me if it's a graphic card issue or a monitor issue?
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  1. If this just starting happening after installing your new graphics card I would lean towards it being something wrong with the connection between the monitor and graphics card, the connection between the card and the motherboard, or the graphics card itself.

    How did you have the computer plugged into the monitor previously? Was it VGA, HDMI, DVI connection? And what type of connection are you using now to connect to the monitor?

    Were you using integrated graphics before this dedicated gpu?
  2. It seems your graphic card issue
  3. I had it connected to i 22 inch monitor by DVI connect now i got it connected by VGA the monitor itself would not responed i had to hold down the auto botton at times unpluging it i since then had plugged a new monitor up to it but i am testing it by restarting and messing around with it. and i believe it's the connection between the monitor and the card.
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