Built new computer, turns on but displays nothing

Hello, I've custom ordered pieces in order to build a computer from scratch, but after presumably incorrectly installing them all I can't get the monitor to display anything.

As it stands, when I turn the computer on the PSU runs, the fan for the GPU runs, the heatsink runs, the LEDs of the case light up, but nothing is displayed on my monitor.

Firstly, I've removed all the GPUs aside from one, which I pulled from my last computer and was working fine.
Secondly, I've all possible combinations of my RAM in each of the slots.

Most perplexingly, I noticed after all this that my power supply wasn't running to the 8 pin ATX 12V1 power connector by the CPU, however when I connect the power supply to it, the computer refuses to start.

Can anyone shed some light on this? I'm at a total loss.
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  1. if the mb has test led like asus does check to see if there green/yellow or red. some issues of no post can be that the ram you bout is not on the mb vendors list of ram that will run. other issues can be the mb stand off or cpu heat sink is shorting the mb out or you put one of the case cables on wrong. if the mb has a video port on first power up that one is the one that will come on. most people will tell you to pull the mb and ps out of the case and with just the ram and video card or onboard ram see if the mb posts. the lst issues and the worst to find out is bending a pin on the mb under the cpu. if you did bend a pin you have to use a pair of tweeser and bend the pin back.
  2. We have a troubleshooting checklist that was created for this exact type of problem. There's a link to the checklist in my signature. Perform all the steps in the checklist and let us know how it goes.
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