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Asus Xonar DG sometimes not working

I've been having some troubles with my sound card, very soon after building my computer. Somtimes when I boot up my computer, I get no sound. If I open the Xonar DG audio centre, the mixer will show that sound is happening. But if I look at the little windows mixer on the bottom right, it shows nothing at all.

Then, if I restart maybe 1-3 times, it'll work. I've tried switching PCI slots, reinstalling the drivers a couple of times and this problem will keep coming up. It may be worth pointing out that I think this started after I tried overclocking my CPU/GPU a bit. I'm no longer doing it, but it still occurs. It's nice, that I can make it go away, but I'd rather sort this out then rely on restarting constantly, any ideas?

MB: MSI Z77A-G43
Sound Card: Asus Xonard DG
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    Have you ever reset the bios or reloaded the same bios file to correct any corrupted files? The registry could also contain errors so a good registry sweeper would be good to get. You can also take your Windows disc and do a repair to see if there are any errors of corrupted files.
    If you go into the action center and run the troubleshooter it may come up with a problem and a solution.
    You also want to make sure that the sound card is selected as the sound playback device and anything else that has to do with sounds.
  2. Make sure the onboard sound is disabled in BIOS. Second, make sure that your Xonar DG card is selected in Windows. In Windows 7 you can select the audio device by clicking on the speaker icon in the taskbar and choosing the audio device from the drop down menu in the window that pops up.
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  4. Well, windows 8 solved it. Thanks for the suggestions, though
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