Modern games at high resolution

AMD athlon ii 260 3.3 Ghz Processor
amd radeon hd 6670 1gb DDR3 GPU
3 GB DDR2 ram and 1600x900 resol. LED.... so will modern games run smoother at high settings in BF3,gta 4,assination creed & all....
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  1. No you can't max them out,but all of them will run fine on medium settings
  2. ^+1

    But I think you will find that BF3 will be the most demanding game out of those and it might not even be possible to run it on medium.
  3. It can be run on a mixture of medium/low settings with AA/AF turned off
  4. sorry sorry i have radeon hd 6670 ddr now it would b possible in other modern games to max out?? if nt den any gpu's in d range of 100-125$ price
  5. Their is the 5770...

    MSI Hawk 5770

    But I wouldn't suggest going any higher than that.Your processor will start to bottleneck.
  6. ^+1 that card is good for overclocking and cooling.

    other will be this.
  7. is the MSI hawk 5770 better than 6670 ????
  8. Yes it is.The next step up would be the 5750 and after that the 5770.The 6770 is basically a rebranded 5770.
  9. in some cases hd 6670 performs little bit higher and it has newer tech then hd 5770 but for hd 5770 hawk will be an good choice.:)
  10. it is better than radeon hd 6670 right ??? so i m buyin MSI HAWK 5770 ..and athlon ii 260 is better choice na....or intel ??? at amd athlon's price ?? if yes than plss suggest as my motherboard is GA 945GCM-S2L
  11. yes hwk will be an better choice and get atleast amd athlon ii x 3 455 rana so that you can unlock cores or amd phenom ii x2 555be.:)
  12. At the Athlon's price point Intel doesn't really have anything to offer.But if your really stressed on your budget and your looking to get the best bang for your buck and haven't bought your CPU or motherboard yet I would suggest going for a Llano APU and a 6670.
  13. but my motherboard doesnt support amd processors so ????? my motherboard is GA 945GCM-S2L and its supports only intel.... so can u suggest me an intel processor in d range of athlon ii 260?
  14. You said you had a Athlon ii so I figured you had a AMD mobo.

    What processor do you currently have?

    Since you have a 775 socket this would the equal to the Athlon at it's price point...
  15. buy a core 2 duo or core 2 quad which is compatible with your mobo.:)
  16. no no i m upgrading my system currently i hve an intel dual core e2180 processor
  17. sumirandhamaskar said:
    but my motherboard doesnt support amd processors so ????? my motherboard is GA 945GCM-S2L and its supports only intel.... so can u suggest me an intel processor in d range of athlon ii 260?

    AMD athlon ii 260 3.3 Ghz Processor

    In your very first post you said you had an AMD processor. It helps to give honest and accurate information up front.

    As far as a decent processor for that board, we'd need to know what you're using now to know whether or not it was worth upgrading.
  18. but my mother board is a shame//... :(
  19. so core 2 duo ?? better option for gaming ??>>
  20. Really the best option would be to go for a higher clock Core 2 Duo.

    But honestly I think it would be best to save up your money and buy a proper gaming PC.At this point the 775 socket is a dead end and will just be a money pit.
  21. so a better mother board right ???
  22. sumirandhamaskar said:
    no no i m upgrading my system currently i hve an intel dual core e2180 processor

    Holy crap, that CPU is bad. Unfortunately, selection of LGA 775 processors is very, very limited. You'd be better off replacing the motherboard and CPU than you would buying a new 775 processor.

    This CPU with this motherboard and this memory come out to $125, and will get you a huge upgrade. It will also give you an upgrade path in the future to better Sandy Bridge CPUs, but I don't believe that board will support Ivy Bridge.
  23. sumirandhamaskar said:
    no no i m upgrading my system currently i hve an intel dual core e2180 processor

    I agree with willard, this new spec of yours is not really and upgrade. One may call it a downgrade, even. Your previous Athlon II X2 has slightly better performance.

    But if you insist on your current 775 specs, going quad is the only way to improve significant performance. Even the cheapest C2Q lineup promises far better in term of raw power.

    As for GPU part, if you concern for budget, I'd say no need to upgrade if you get that C2Q. Upgrades are usually justifiable if you go two or three ranks higher than your current hardware. As for that case, your $100-125 just won't cut it. You'll experienced a slightly better performance though, but just not worth the money. I say you should save them up some more and go for something like 5750 later on.

    3GB DDR2? That's weird number, I must say. I suppose you're not really running on Dual Channel, as I imagined you use two differently capacity. Go for 2x2GB at exact same module-speed-brands, that should brings you some improvement as Dual Channel kicks in.

  24. so in a budget of 265$ ( 13000/- ) will i have a gpu and intel quad play at higher resol ..if yes then suggest me the best processor and a gpu on my motherboard,.. & how much will b d price of both in Indian market as i live in GOA
  25. core 2 quad 9500 with hd 6790.:)
  26. Best answer
  27. awesome man
  28. so you got your answer good luck for upgrade.:)
  29. but 6770 is better than hd 6670??? and that intel will b god for gaming na ...high resol??? at high settings ??
  30. yes hd 6770 will be better then hd 6670 and intel is making good gaming processers.:)

    for your resolution hd 6770 will work finr with high settings with no aa or if u want more then cost a bit higher and get hd 6850 which will be very good for that resolution and can play games in high settings with 2xaa to 4xaa in games.:)
  31. Best answer selected by sumirandhamaskar.
  32. ok goodluck and thanks for your vote.:)
  33. thanks man should i buy those 2 things from retail shops or buy them online ??
  34. first check from retail shop i think you should get them cheaper and if u didnt get them cheaper then go and buy from online.:)
  35. and what is your psu model please tell me before buying and taking any risk.
  36. what's dis PSU
  37. power supply where you connect your cpu plug open case and check model.:)

    psu look like this.

    open the case and check there will be an lable there will be written model and watt and max wattage output.:)
  38. u can see there is one sqaure type thing in which wires coming out and pluged that is an psu check the lable and tell me.

  39. LPE223 400
  40. you should change your psu bro thats not a good psu and cant power a hd 6770.:(
  41. get this psu or get an hd 7750 which performs as hd 6770 but my recommendation will be to upgrade psu and collect some more money wait 1 or 2 months collect more money and then go for upgrade it will not be good to take risk seriously bro.
  42. SORRY SORRY tha wasnt d right 1 its VIP 400R
  43. how much power d hd 6770 needs??
  44. does that look like this.
  45. yes yes
  46. it has output of 280w

    if your psu is this then sorry to say but it doesnt have the 6 pin pcie connector and its of rs 500 which is really very low that is the sign of bad psu.

    i will say that you should get a new psu and be happy with that dont be in a problem with that psu.
  48. get this psu it has enough power to power up your whole system and it has a good built.
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