Which is better gain?

So, I'm pretty much in a tossup between these two units:


Both units have the style keyboard I'm heavily interested in ("accutype" style). The U400 has a really attractive aluminum casing that I like.
The AMD unit has a cheaper body but seems like a serious value. I'm relatively unfamiliar with the hierarchical placement of the A-series vs i3s and i5s.

My previous laptop— http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834114533 —with a P7350@2.0GHz and no discreet GPU, was never able to play games at a playable framerate. I'm mainly looking to be able to play League of Legends and smaller indie titles on Steam when I'm not at my desktop. Gaming is not necessarily a must-have, however.

(I'm also aware of the 2gb memory difference between processors; not much of a worry as I'll probably upgrade to 8gb eventually.)

Essentially, I'm curious which system will meet my needs for a zippy processor but also have the potential to game: the A8-3520M with 6620G or the i3-2350M with discreet 6470M.

(Additional question: I'm assuming the i5 with 6gb memory version of the U400 would be the best option if I saved another $70?)
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  1. i3/i5 has the upper hand as a gaming CPU but a HD6470 is going to have a hard time with most current games, probably ranks close to Intel HD4000 IGP.
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